To proteron. On the Prehistory of the Concept of A priori


  • Vitali Terletsky National Research Institute of Ukraine Studies and World History



prior, first, beginning, a priori, primary philosophy, metaphysics


The paper reconstructed Aristotle’s treatment of the concept tò próteron, which was not only a historical prototype for the conceptualization of the term a priori, but also retains its relevance today. It was first shown the methodological feature of this concept for the analysis and the constitution of theoretical sciences. Based on the frequent synonymic usage «the prior» as «the first» (tò prôton), found on the interpretation Aristotle’s metaphysics as «onto-theology», considered the well-known agonal characteristic of the Greek world view, I propose to inte-grate the elucidation of «first» in the thematic context of the «primary philosophy». It appears as an important principle for the subject field as well for peculiarity of the structure of this science.

Author Biography

Vitali Terletsky, National Research Institute of Ukraine Studies and World History



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