On the way to the authentic being: phenomenological destruction of Aristotle in early Heidegger’s teaching





early Heidegger, phenomenological destruction, fundamental ontology, «Being and time», phronêsis, first philosophy


The article investigates specific features of phenomenological destruction of Aristotle by early Heidegger. Interpretation of Aristotle’s philosophy is considered in the light of his devel-oping the project of fundamental ontology and first approaches to «Being and time». Heideg-ger’s interpretation of Aristotle’s thinking, on the one hand, has considerable hermeneutics potential, but, on the other hand, violently reinterprets the main motives and principles of Aris-totle’s philosophy. Heidegger in his interpretation of Aristotle’s texts proceeds from not quite clarified presuppositions and implicitly uses in his exegesis quasi-normativistic and quasi-personalistics conceptual schemes.


Author Biography

Andrii Baumeister, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

PhD in philosophy, Doctoral Candidate of the Philosophy Department


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Baumeister, A. (2013). On the way to the authentic being: phenomenological destruction of Aristotle in early Heidegger’s teaching. Sententiae, 28(1), 63–75. https://doi.org/10.22240/sent28.01.063






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