National Philosophy as a Subject of Comparative Research




Historiography of Polish Philosophy, Historiography of Ukrainian Philosophy, National Philosophical Tradition, Comparative Study, Reception Study in the History of Philosophy


The article continues the discussion “Can "national philosophy" be understood as a strictly defined object of research?” initiated in volumeXXX of Sententiae. Analyzing Tomasz Mróz’ book “Selected Issues in the History of Polish Philosophy” (2016), the authors compare the problems of historiography of Polish and Ukrainian philosophy. The authors believe that Mróz’ bookoffers an interesting perspective of comparative study of national philosophical traditions, the idea of which was suggested earlier by Vasyl Lisovy. The authors focus on the heuristic potential of the Mróz’ analysis of discussions concerning possible distinction between the terms “Polish philosophy“ and “philosophy in Poland” and his studies of Plato's reception in Poland. Such analysis allows us to raise several questions: (1) are the studies of “Polish philosophy” and “philosophy in Poland” not mutuallyexclusive, but, on the contrary, complementary genres of historiography of national philosophy? (2) howtodistinguish in the analysisof the reception of a certain philosophical doctrine in national philosophy things pertaining to the history of this philosophy as a whole, from things pertaining to the history of development of the doctrine itself?

Author Biographies

Sergii Rudenko, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy

Serhii Yosypenko, Hr. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, NAS of Ukraine

Doctor of sciences in philosophy, Head of the Department of the History of Ukrainian Philosophy


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