Belarusian National Philosophy: an Attempt of the Genealogy of its Subject




national philosophy, national philosophy of Belarus, history of philosophy in USSR, non-philosophical forms of philosophizing, meta-theory of the national historical and philosophical process


The article advocates the application of the «theoretical philosophy» or meta-theory as an integrated methodology for the analysis of philosophical structures of diverse complexity. With this view it makes an attempt to reconstruct (on the example of Belarus) the genealogy of the subject of national philosophy as a complex and multifaceted dynamic object. It is pro-posed to consider the national philosophy of Belarus in three ways. First, it is the totality of the works of the philosophers who lived and worked in the territory of the contemporary Belarus. Secondly, it is the reflection on the destiny of this country. Thirdly, it is the history of the phi-losophy of Belarus as a scientific discipline. In the last narrow sense, the national philosophy is the structured (in many aspects artificially) discourse of the philosophical development of Belarus. The most important components of the national historical and philosophical process’ meta-theory are (1) the grasp of its essence, (2) the understanding of the structure, (3) the ge-neralization of practices and (4) the conceptual description of the process of the development of the national spirit.

Author Biography

Valery Yevarouski, Institute of Philosophy of the Belarussian National Academy of Sciences

PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of the Research Centre for History of philosophy and Comparative studies


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