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Vol. 43 No. 1 (2024): SENTENTIAE




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Sententiae is the historico-philosophical open access journal. Our purpose is to foster the development of a wide gamut of contemporary approaches, active implementation of them into research practice, and establishment of high standards of teaching philosophy at the universities basing on the achievements of contemporary history of philosophy.

Our key priority is to ensure the empirical substantiation of historico-philosophical conceptions, basing on the criteria of literality, exhaustivity, contextuality and taking into account the existing speculative interpretations. Jean-Luc Marion was the first to formulate these criteria in 1998 as the main features of contemporary researches of Descartes's philosophy. We regard these principles as the methodological background of any substantiated research method in the history of philosophy.
Publishing materials on any historico-philosophical topics, we pay special attention to researches in terminology, issues of philosophical translation and untranslatability, manuscripts researches (including handwritten heritage of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy professors of ХVІІ–ХVІІІ century), and cover the development of large-scale projects in this area. We also publish new translations of foreign philosophical texts. Among our priorities there is also a coverage of the history of philosophical thought in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries and its connections with the wide cultural context (theology, literature, natural sciences, political ideology etc).

Journal created by Modern philosophy's research group (Pascalian society).
Founded in 2000. Published thrice a year, on April 30, on August 30, and November 30.


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